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About DLI

Background to the Dalian Leicester Institute

The purpose of the DLI is to advance the exchange of culture, science, engineering and technology between China and the United Kingdom, promoting the development of education in both countries and facilitating academic collaboration between Dalian University of Technology and the University of Leicester.

The Institute focuses on introducing the educational resources and curriculum of the University of Leicester in the areas of Physical Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and adheres to the principle that Chinese-foreign joint education shall benefit the public interest. The DLI will cultivate professional level practical science and engineering skills in an internationalised environment, allowing students to study with the English language medium of instruction and to develop science and engineering knowledge.                 

Award of Degrees

In order to successfully graduate from the DLI, students are required to meet the degree granting standards of Dalian University of Technology and the University of Leicester. Upon graduation, the successful students will be awarded a “Bachelor Degree Certificate" and an "Undergraduate Graduation Diploma” from Dalian University of Technology and a "Bachelor" degree from the University of Leicester.


The DLI offers the following degree courses, effective from September 2017:

· BSc Chemistry

· BEng (Mechanical)

From September 2019, it will also offer BSc Mathematics.

All teaching and assessment is carried out with English as the medium of instruction and with the UK style of teaching that encourages students to build independent learning skills. Each course is four years in length. Year 1 includes intensive English language teaching together with subject related material.  This will prepare students for Year 2, Year 3 and the Final Year of each degree programme, each of which is based on the corresponding University of Leicester degree course.