Gary Marston delivers a poster lecture

Date: 2019-04-10 11:56:09   Clicks:

On the afternoon of 3rd April, Gary Marston, Centre Manager of DLI, was invited to introduce how to do posters for the students who would attend the First DLI Poster Competition in room N105 of A01.

He systematically talked about the knowledge of English poster making and the proper ways to present posters for helping students improve their ability of poster making and achieve excellent results in the competition.

Gary started with a question --“Why do a poster presentation?” to inspire students to think, and then introduced what a poster is and its significance. With the key point of “Less is Best” and “Arouse readers' interest”, Gary introduced how to write and put text in a poster. He also used vivid language to guide students to imagine what kind of text arrangement would attract the judges. Also, he introduced the importance of text simplification and subtitle usage. In addition, He explained that the text should be written in academic English. Then he listed some common English sentence patterns to help the students effectively do a poster.

The background of a poster and the arrangement of its illustrations also have a significant influence on the overall image of the poster. For the background of a poster, Gary said that a simple background should be used, and the text should be legible. He also explained that references are able to draw the judges’ attention and play an auxiliary role in the poster.

In addition, Gary introduced some common mistakes in poster making from three perspectives, including font, writing and colors, which help students avoid them and make a satisfying poster.

Moreover, Gary mentioned that presentation is also very important during a poster presentation. Therefore, he described some possible situations and proper solutions during a live presentation, which help students do their poster presentation more smoothly. In the end, Gary answered students’ questions.

By this lecture, it is expected that every contestant can make a qualified poster and get a good result in the competition.