DLI holds the first Science & Innovation workshop

Date: 2019-05-24 11:06:29   Clicks:

In order to deepen the DLI students’ understandings on the mathematical modelling competition, the Students Department of Science and Innovation held the first Science & Innovation workshop at C07-401 at 19:00 on the 17th May. DLI students Bolin Wei, Ruoning Han who have won a prize in American Mathematics Competitions and Mingyu Li who have won a prize in National Mathematics Competitions were invited to share their experience and skills.


Ruoning Han first introduced the mathematics competitions that undergraduates can participate in, and then shared with students his experience in competition preparations. He summarized the frequently occurring types of questions and the frequently used solutions. He also introduced modelling approach and emphasizes the importance of the “Operational Optimization Model”. At the same time, he also introduced the method of mathematical formulas and the evaluation method of digital model papers. Finally, he shared his experience in digital model writing from the five aspects of topics, abstracts, model building, conclusions and references.


Bolin Wei gave a detailed introduction to the numerical model differential equation model and the solution method of this model in matlab, and demonstrated some useful tips on specific operations. Mingyu Li introduced some softwares which are very useful in the mathematical modelling process, such as artmap, simatic lad, PDE toolbox. He also introduced the method of establishing simple neural network in matlab for the students.


During the activity, the students listened carefully and asked lots of questions. By this workshop, the students have a deeper understanding of the mathematics competition and are encouraged to attend competitions.