Enhance Students' English Practice, Promote the Internationalisation of DLI

Date: 2019-06-06 16:26:00   Clicks:

In order to build an elite student team with high English level, comprehensive ability, outstanding ability in handing foreign affairs and broad international vision, Leicester International Institute established the Students Department of International Affairs on October 2018 and selected 23 outstanding students. It also provides a series of training and practice opportunities for the members to help them develop into a talented organization.

With the aim of improving students' ability in English translation and handing foreign affairs and enabling students to participate in foreign affairs activities more professionally, the institute provides weekly skill trainings for members, and systematically explains knowledge about English news writing, English translation, English interpretation and foreign affairs etiquette. They also simulate the interpretation site to strengthen students' English application ability and protocol and etiquette quality.

In order to provide opportunity in interpreting practice and foreign affairs reception for the members, at the beginning of this semester, Leicester International Institute selected representatives to help the establishment of Huajin Ami Petrochemical corporation which was organized by Panjin City and Saudi Arabia. They undertook works of on-site interpretation, broadcasting, materials translation and so on. Through this translation work, they not only enhanced their English level, but also enriched their practical experience. They also improved their ability to adapt to the everchanging circumstance and accumulated valuable experience for their future work.

At present, the English website of the Institute is mainly managed by the Students Department of International Affairs. By translating English news, students are more familiar with translating skills and continuously improving the quality and efficiency of translation.


The Institute will continue to provide better training content for members and deepen the cooperation with the School District Internationalization and External Communication Office and the Panjin Foreign Affairs Office, providing more practical platforms for the students to contribute to the international development of school and Panjin City.