【Dreaming Youth】Leicester International College has a good performance in the "School Celebration Cup" sports league

Date: 2019-06-08 16:50:17   Clicks:

The "School Celebration Cup" sports league has finally come to an end. The athletes from DLI played an outstanding role in this league and has won many honors. In volleyball match, after two weeks of intense training, the athletes overcame all the difficulties and entered the final four as the first team of A group. After that they defeated Intellectual Property Institute with the score of 2:0 and entered the finals. In the final, they fought for the team and exerted the spirit of sports and finally won the runner-up.

In the football match, the athletes worked together and scored five goals in total: Zhenghao Li scored three goals against grammar school and completed a hat-trick; Jianhua Cui and Kuangyu Li scored one goal each against the institute of Marine Science and Technology. Our institute has only two terms of students. Students from grade 17 built the team framework where students from grade 18 gradually become the backbone of the team. Although this match did not win a medal, our team earn the respect of all opponents by elegant demeanor and strength.

In the basketball game, after four weeks of unremitting efforts, our teammates struggled bravely and stubbornly. And resolve the opponent's offensive by relying on tacit cooperation again and again. In the final, the players played firmly and finally defeated Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Institute and won the third place. The players insisted on the principle of "friendship first, competition second" and upholding the principle of fair competition, and successfully end the basketball game.


In the "Celebration Cup" cheerleading competition, because of the first contact with cheerleading, the arrangement and adaptation were very difficult. Although the results of the preliminary competition were not satisfactory, the students actively reflected on their shortcomings and made efforts to improve. they repeat watching cheerleading videos, adding practice and innovation. finally, arranged cheerleading with additional skills such as side-turning and doing splits. Before the finals, all the teammates repeatedly practiced day and night, never complained, and finally succeeded in counterattacking to the fourth overall score and won the third prize.

In the course of the sports league, it is not only the experience of the competition, but also the joy of success and the sincere friendship that matter. With these gains, we hope that Dalian Leicester Institute will achieve another success next year!