DLI students achieves good results in the 28th Advanced Mathematics Competition of Dalian City

Date: 2019-07-10 18:51:50   Clicks:

The 28th Advanced Mathematics Competition of Dalian City was held on the 30th June, 2019. The competitors were divided into three groups: mathematics students group, science and engineering students group, and finance and literature students group. DLI students joined in the second group and achieved good results. Among them, Bolin Wei won the first prize, Zhong Cao and Andi An won the second prize, 17 students won the third prize. The good performance of DLI students contributed to the honor of Panjin Campus that it was awarded the first prize of the science and engineering group.

The mathematics modules at DLI are delivered and assessed in English. By attending this competition, the DLI students not only showed their ability, but also improve the profile of DLI. This competition has stimulated the DLI students to work harder on learning Mathematics and created a strong learning atmosphere in DLI. In the future, DLI will provide more platforms and support for the students to attend academic competitions.