Students of Dalian Leicester Institute Achieve First Prize in the 2019 Asia and Pacific Mathematical Contest in Modeling (APMCM)

Date: 2020-07-21 18:58:33   Clicks:

Recently, the results of the 2019 Asia and Pacific Mathematical Contest in Modeling (APMCM) was announced. As an influential competition in the Asia-Pacific region, nearly 20,000 students from more than 500 universities attended this contest. 92 students from Leicester International Institute, Dalian University of Technology won different categories of prizes. Mingxuan Xia and Yiyan Wang were awarded the First Prize, which was the best result on DUT, Panjin campus and another top prize in the international mathematical modeling competition for students besides the American Mathematical Modeling Competition.         

The 2019 Asia and Pacific Mathematical Contest in Modeling (APMCM) is sponsored by the Beijing image graphics society, a mathematician to undertake undergraduate discipline class competition in the asia-pacific region, aims to popularize knowledge of mathematical modeling. The questions and materials are in English. Students are required to solve practical problems by mathematical modeling within 4 days and submit a paper in English. In the 2019 competition, the first prize accounts for 5%, the second prize accounts for 15% and the third prize accounts for 25%. At Dalian Leicester Institute, 2 students won the first prize, 5 students won the second prize, 28 students won the third prize and 57 students were awarded the honour of successful participants.

Mingxuan Xia and Yiyan Wang carried out a research on the topic “how to improve the regional economic vitality” from several aspects such as population, area, city, using MATLAB for data analysis. It analysed the influential factors for economic vitality in the method of linear fitting on the basis of least square, and got the ranking of urban economic vitality by gray correlation, thus to solve the problem.

Dalian Leicester Institute has been attaching great importance to students' scientific innovation ability and making great efforts to create strong scientific innovation atmosphere. It holds academic seminars and scientific sessions regularly to stimulate students’ aspiration and interest on research. Meanwhile, the bilingual integration enables students to develop advantages and improve their competitiveness in international contests. Dalian Leicester Institute will keep encouraging students to participate in international scientific and innovative contests and providing platforms for students to expand their professional skills, cultivate their consciousness of innovation and cooperation and promote their all-round development.