Hansong Wang, the Party Secretary Committee of DUT visited Leicester International Institute for research

Date: 2020-10-05 16:41:30   Clicks:

In September 14th afternoon, the first teaching day of autumn semester, Hansong Wang, the Party Secretary Committee of DUT, came to Panjin campus for research of Leicester International Institute. He visited the party members' activity room, English classroom (concentrated-style class), teachers offices, students’ service center, resource room, smart classroom, multi-function room, etc. This visit showed an in-depth understanding of the party construction work of DLI. He also talked with teachers and students representatives in person. The visit was accompanied by Professor Jinming Guo, Assistant to the President and Party Secretary and Management Committee Director of Panjin campus.

Wang Hansong said that DUT Party Committee paid high attention to Panjin campus as long as the construction and the development of Sino-British cooperation. Also, he gave fully affirms with the progress and the results the Institute has achieved, Wang Hansong expressed that he was delighted with the excellent spirit that the teachers and students have.

Hansong Wang put forward requirements to the institute for further development. Firstly, DLI shall keep pace with the country policies and work base on the Opening-Up policy which is the root to promote international cooperation. DLI, seen as an international cooperation media, should stick to the Opening-up policy in order to enhance international cooperation and exchange. The faculties and students of DLI should be cultivated to be two-way envoys which is the best way to improve understanding and learn from each other. Secondly, DLI shall hold confidence firmly and cultivate talents based on various advantages. It needs to combine the traditional education experience and openness of embracing the differences. It is the institute’s mission to cultivate excellent talents and promote teaching quality continuously. Thirdly, DLI shall adhere to characteristic development and improve the ability of conclude experience. It is necessary to combine the advantages of Chinese-style and UK-style education models, explore possibilities in school running mechanism and policy, teaching methods, new approaches and models. Moreover, DLI shall analysis self-advantages and play a role of leading and influencing. In order to promote the internalization of Panjin campus, DLI should accumulate and share useful experience and set a good example to other institutes. Lastly, DLI should consider how to run the institute better while growing and explore the possibilities. Meanwhile, it is necessary to pay attention to the critical questions aroused during the cooperation and draw out the best and avoid the worst from both sides. Wang Hansong hoped that DLI would contribute to DUT in every aspects.

Dean and Party branch secretary, Jingjing Zhan gave a special report . Zhenquan Tan, Associate Dean, Lingling Zhao, Associate Dean and Deputy Secretary, Lianjie Xu, Mengmeng Sun and other teachers gave speeches respectively.

During the visit, Hansong Wang also inspected the canteen, delivery places, etc. He also comprehensively checked the campus operation safety, enclosed management, food waste and other work implementation.

The Leicester International Institute, Dalian University of Technology represents a Sino-British cooperative educational institute, jointly established by Dalian University of Technology (DUT), China and the University of Leicester (UoL), United Kingdom in March 2017 . It started admitting students in September 2017 and now trains a total of 584 full-time undergraduate students enrolled from 2017 to 2019 (300 enrolled from 2020). Since its inception, the institute guided by Xi Jinping Thoughts of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for New Era. The faculties and students study and implement the guiding principles of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and sprite of Xi Jinping Thoughts on education. It is significant to strength "four consciousness", firm "four confidence", achieve "two maintenance" to hit a high starting point and high standard construction. The institute always takes the three fundamental principles of China-foreign cooperation in the new era as its working concepts, keeps innovative and strives to build the institute with distinct characteristics.