DLI Held the Opening Ceremony to Welcome Freshmen Class of 2020

Date: 2020-10-12 16:32:25   Clicks:

On September 27th afternoon, DLI's 2020 opening ceremony was held in E03 auditorium. The representatives to the ceremony were Paul Monks, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of UoL, Head of the College of Science and Engineering, Professor Jinming Guo, Assistant to the President of DUT and Director of the Party Committee of Panjin Campus, Professor Jingjing Zhan, Party Branch Secretary and the Dean of DLI Chinese side, Professor Jingzhe Pan, the Dean of DLI British side. Some of the Chinese professors, the teachers in charge and all the freshmen class of 2020 all attended this ceremony. Representatives from the British faculty of the UoL also participated in the ceremony through the online platform.

With the grand national anthem of the People's Republic of China, the ceremony began.

Paul Monks, on behalf of the University of Leicester, warmly welcomed all the 2020 freshmen to DLI. He made a brief introduction about the information and the history of UoL through video clips. He emphasized the international educational features of DLI and encouraged freshmen to broaden their global horizon and make new achievements on the platform which is provided by the institute.

Professor Jinming Guo extended his sincere greetings to the staff of UoL. On behalf of the whole staff of DUT, he extended his heartfelt congratulations and welcome to all new students of DLI. Professor Guo introduced the achievements of the DLI in the past three years and the situation of outstanding students. He encouraged new students to learn to be open and inclusive and have a broad vision of inclusiveness. He stressed that freshmen should cultivate a strong sense of patriotism and take serving the needs of the country and the people as their greatest pursuit. He also suggested that students should innovate courageously and carry forward the spirit of pragmatic, to understand the mission and live up to the choice of history and era.

Professor Jingjing Zhan made a comprehensive introduction about the information of DLI. He pointed out that the institute attaches great importance to the construction of the academic atmosphere, which means DLI has not only a sound incentive system but also a strict educational review mechanism. He enjoined the freshmen must firmly grasp the mainline of learning and improve their quality comprehensively.    

Xiujuan Zhang made a statement on behalf of all of the teachers. She hoped that students should realize the burden on their shoulder and enjoy the new life in DLI gratefully with a happy and healthy attitude.

Yuanzhi Sun, a student in the class of 2017, shared the good news that he had received the postgraduate exemption from Peking University. He encouraged freshmen to set their goals at the beginning of the semester and make unremitting efforts for it.

Yiming Zhang, the representative of the freshmen, called on all new students to make efforts firmly and not to be afraid of attempt and failure. She suggested all her peers practice the educational philosophy of DLI, which is" the more international, the more patriotic" and step toward their goals in life bravely.

Wish the freshmen of class 2020 of DLI to fulfill their dreams and uphold their original aspiration, strive to be an internationalized talent with comprehensive development, and write a glorious chapter of their life with youth and sweat.