Leicester International Institute Convened Parents-Teacher Conference for Freshmen Class of 2020

Date: 2020-10-12 16:43:32   Clicks:

To develop an atmosphere of family-institute cooperation in educating, DLI held an online Parents-teacher conference for freshmen on September 24th. Jingjing Zhan, the Dean of DLI Chinese side and Jingzhe Pan, the Dean of DLI British side, attended the meeting. Some of professors, counsellors and 280 freshmen's parents participated at this online meeting. And it was directed by Lingling Zhao, Party Branch Deputy Secretary and Deputy Dean and the 2020 freshmen counsellor.

First of all, Jingjing Zhan extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the freshmen on behalf of the institute. He introduced the general information of the institute, including management operation, programme cultivation and the academic atmosphere construction. Besides, Professor Zhan emphasized the characteristics education model and management system of Sino-Britsh cooperation in running school. Finally, he made a detailed explanation of the arrangement of the English curriculum, which is the parents most concerned. In order to carry on the education syllabus of first-year students smoothly, he said, the two sides of DLI have been and will make continuous efforts together to overcome the impact of the epidemic.

Jingzhe Pan represents the UK management team expressed sincere congratulations to new parents. He introduced the University of Leicester's profundity and discipline superiority and combined with more than 20 years of experience in the education of colleges and universities abroad. He shared his thoughts about the differences in the advantages of Chinese and English education with parents. He noted that the Sino-British institute is a good attempt in the field of undergraduate education. It is believed that students will achieve comprehensive development under the cultivation of the Sino-British educational concept.

At last, parents inquired detailed information about the proportion of postgraduate recommendation, the career intention of the first undergraduate session and the monitor system, which controls the teaching quality online during the epidemic situation. Jingjing Zhan and Jingzhe Pan answered all these questions for the parents patiently.

It is believed that with the joint efforts of the institute and the parents, the freshmen of the class 2020 will grow up into international talents who master the world-class knowledge structure and global vision and have the ability of international exchanging and international competition.