DLI Held the Training Session on Academic Appeals, Student Complains and Academic Misconduct

Date: 2021-09-15 08:27:35   Clicks:

8 September, Leicester International Institute held a training session on Academic Appeals, Student Complains and Academic Misconduct. The session aims to enhance the Chinese team's understanding of British teaching management and promote the integration of the two schools' teaching systems. Liz Hartshorn, Administrative Services Officer of the University of Leicester, made a presentation and Emma Setchfield, Head of Administrative Services, hosted the session. Dean Zhan Jingjing, Deputy Dean Tan Zhenquan, Zhao Lingling and the faculty of DLI participated attended the meeting.


First, Emma Setchfield extended a warm welcome to the participants from both China and UK and emphasized the importance of this training. She said that academic disputes and student complaints are related to students' learning experience and teaching management and she hoped this session can help the faculty better serve students.

After that, Liz Hartshorn introduced the policy on academic disputes and student complaints in detail. The introduction was divided into three parts, Academic Appeal Procedure, Student Complaints and Academic Misconduct. Each part has a question link, which enabled the participants to discuss and communicate timely.

This training session has greatly promoted the communication between the Chinese and British faculty of Leicester University and laid a solid foundation for improving teaching management in the future.