295 New DLIers Embark on a New Chapter at DLI

Date: 2021-09-15 09:12:33   Clicks:

On September 8, a total of 295 students arrived at Panjin Campus and open their new life journey with DLI.  

For the best of registration day for new DLIers, staff and students volunteers made good preparation in advance.


Seniors from DLI Students’ Union took responsibility for the registration process for the new DLIers.


Every new DLIers will receive a gift box that including a calendar, a USB and the uniform clothing, etc.


Gifts were placed sequentially for the quick process.


Students must take the test of the COVID-19 before entre into the campus.


He was the first student in grade 2021 of DLI to register.


He received a lovely toy from his student advisor.


New DLIers registered at the registration desk with the help of seniors.


Due to the pandemic, students in the grade of 2021 have to register without the company of their parents. Don’t panic, this is the first step of growing.


After register, they could find their dorm and new roommates. We wish they have a good time with their “families” in DUT.




Even though they were busy with their classes, volunteers welcomed the juniors with their help just like how they were treated by their seniors. This is a warm and positive tradition in campus life.

We wish the newcomers an exciting and colourful day with DLI.