DLI Holds the Opening Ceremony to Welcome the Cohort of 2021

Date: 2021-10-09 11:32:52   Clicks:

Leicester International Institute, Dalian University of Technology holds the opening ceremony to welcome the cohort of 2021 on the afternoon of September 24 in the Auditorium E03 on Panjin Campus.


Sarah Davies, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Head of the College of Science and Engineering, Guo Jinming, Assistant President of DUT and Zhan Jingjing and Pan Jingzhe, Dean of DLI attended the ceremony. Besides, other VIPs from UoL and DLI faculty member representatives, student representatives also attended.


The ceremony started with a wonderful performance of the instrumental group. After the teachers and students sang the National Athemthe opening ceremony officially began.

On behalf of the University of Leicester, Sarah Davies extended a warm welcome to the freshmen of the 2021 Class. She briefly talked about the development history of the University of Leicester and the advantages of cooperating teaching of China and the UK and encouraged the new students to go higher and further with the cooperating teaching of China and UK platform. She suggested that the two universities are committed to fostering excellent international talent and providing an international learning model for the students of the university. This will provide a unique educational background and make our school more competitive.


Guo Jinming recognized the outstanding achievements that DLI has gained since its establishment 4 years ago. He encouraged students to cultivate their dreams and passion, broaden their vision and form an innovative way of thinking. He stressed that students should shoulder the responsibility of achieving national rejuvenation, develop cultural confidence, pass on the national spirit, seize the day and live it to the fullest to meet ardent expectations from the party and the people.

Zhan Jingjing gave a comprehensive introduction of DLI and its performance in the first operating period. As he pointed out, the institute attaches great importance to the construction of an academic atmosphere, having built up a sound incentive system and a strict educational review mechanism. The admission rate of its first graduates reached over 80%. 60% of the graduates chose to further their study abroad, with 80% of them being admitted to world-famous universities such as the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University of London and the University of Edinburgh. 20% of the graduates would continue their study domestically in universities listed in the World First-Class University Project, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University and Zhejiang University. Zhan encouraged freshmen to work steadily to accomplish their goals with a practical approach and make unique contributions to the institute’s further development.

Zou Guangyu, as teacher representative, extended his warmest welcome and best wishes to the class of 2021. He reminded students of the three factors of success: confidence, perseverance and real practice. He hoped that freshmen could embrace success and realize their dreams through unremitting efforts.

Wang Daohan, the representative of the student of DLI, shared the great news that she had received the admission qualification of the graduate student of the Peking University Health Science Center. She encouraged the freshmen of DUT to make up a precise study plan, study hard and practice faithfully. Then strive to become a student of Dalian University of Technology who makes himself, his family, the college and even Dalian University of technology proud four years later.

Wang Ruiqi, the representative of freshmen, proposed that this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the University of Leicester. As 2021 freshmen, students should be determined to spend more effort on the study, taking building the motherland as their own responsibility. Not only take the pioneers as the goal but also take the senior apprentices’ excellent characteristics as an example to write a gorgeous chapter of youth at DLI.

Nowadays we have gathered to " Leicester " to wave pen and splash ink, tomorrow we will gallop dance in the universe. Wish the 2021 freshmen of Leicester have the ambition and faith to climb the “mountain”, rely on the spirit of DUT and UoL, uphold their original intention and staunch their ideals, and finally become internationalized talents who adhering to the principle of "become more international and more patriotic".