DLI and SBIP Hold the“Bosi” Cup Debate Performance Competition

Date: 2021-10-20 09:22:48   Clicks:

In order to further enhance the students' critical thinking ability, enrich their after-school cultural life, and prepare for the campus "Bosi Cup" debate competition. On the evening of October 8th, Dalian Leicester Institute and the School of Business and Intellectual Property held a “Bosi Cup” debating exhibition in Classroom A01-E201.


Leicester International Institute(DLI)and the School of Business and Intellectual Property(SBIP) held an inter-academic debate performance competition for two consecutive years, which has played a key role in strengthening the connection between the two schools’ student organizations and improving the quality of student activities. SBIP and DLI will continue to further strengthen their ties and deepen cooperation and forge ahead together to cultivate promising young people in the new era!   


In this debate exhibition competition, the pros and cons have a fierce debate on the topic of "Whether love can be quantization will or will not be better for people". At the beginning of the game, the two sides argued and started the argument, with vivid examples, firmly clarified the views and reasons of their own opinions, laying a good foundation for the continued progress of the game. The two sides spoke fantastically to the point. Debaters expressed their perspectives based on their true feelings and emotional experiences, which linked the debate with students' daily life, constantly pushing the on-site atmosphere to a new high. In the final evaluation section, the judges made comments on debaters' performance, praised the highlights of both sides and pointed out existing problems in the meanwhile.