Announcement about applying for Dalian three-good student during 2017-2018 school year

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According to requirements of superior document, our school decided to carry out the work to recommend Dalian three-good student during 2017-2018 school year. It aims to implement the Party’s educational policies and put more emphasis on the socialist core values of education. Meanwhile, it also aims to strengthen and improve undergraduate ideological and political education work. Therefore, this announcement will tell you about the matter, as follows:

1. Recommended condition

1) Applicant must have a firm and correct political orientation and good moral character. He or she should abide by China laws and regulations. He or she also comply with school rules.

2) Excelling in their studies or standing out in subject contests. He or she must love the collective and take an active part in social practice activities.

3) Applicant must have the health psychological quality and good body quality.

4) Applicant won the university-level honorary title. (school level above)

5) Students who won outstanding student model title and outstanding three-good student title which are awarded by Dalian University of Technology university will be given priority to recommend.

2. The number of people

Leicester International Institute: 1

3. Detailed requirements

1) Our institute strictly follows the declaration rules to carry out the work.

2) Applicants must fill out the form below. (naming the form “Panjin campus-name-Dalian three-good student”). Please send the form email before 17/ 11/2018 17:00.

3) Our institute will organize a defense meeting at C07-202 meeting room in 19/11/2018 (Monday) 10:00 (Please take your PPT)

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