Notification: Launch the activity “Lunch with a Professor” in DLI

Date: 2019-10-18 18:22:27   Clicks:

The activity “Lunch with a Professor” has been activated, to accomplish the requirements of “ Three all-round education”, set up a platform for teachers and students to have face-to-face academic communications and create a learning atmosphere, after the party-government meeting of DLI.

To ensure the students communicate with the teachers comfortably, here is the plan for the activity.

Communication content: The contents include or beyond the choice of research task or project, possible opportunities of research or general suggestions and other topics about a scientific study, not include the course questions.

Time: 2019-2020 Sem1, Lunchtime on workdays(11:30-13:20)

Location:Canteen in school (unlimited food choices)

Aimed group: All undergraduates in DLI, teachers(in attached file Num2), and other teachers in Panjin campus whose major is related.

Guarantee: DLI will pay the bill for the students and the invited teacher. (Meal bill below 30RMB for each participant and teacher)


1. The activity initiator must invite one teacher and at least 4 DLI students.

2.The initiator must make an appointment and hand in the application format (attached file 1) to C07-210. Then, the initiator can invite the teacher after the permission. The total chances for teachers and students to have lunch is limited and follows the way that whoever will have an earlier chance if applied earlier.

The initiator needs to hand in the photos of the activity and brief thoughts of gain to C07-210 to apply for reimbursement.

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