【Activity Announcement】Sound in its environment, Sound with your change -- English dubbing competition

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Voice of Leicester English dubbing competition begins!

01 Aims

To construct a dense English learning atmosphere, cultivate students’ interest in English learning and improve their oral English and provide a platform to demonstrate their talents, the Leicester International Institute is holding Voice of Leicester English dubbing competition.

02 Participants

All students of DLI

03 Requirements

1. The work must be an English video.

2. Participants should be no more than two.

3. There are no restrictions on the video topic. Teams can dub the characters and topic they are good at. Video duration should be limited to three to five minutes.

4. Video capture and sound attenuation: you can use dubbing apps, or manually edit. Students familiar with editing software can use Premiere, Final Cut Pro X or other computer software. And if you are not skilled in video processing, you can use Shearing, Enlight Videoleap or other mobile phone apps. Above are recommendations of the Ministry of Culture. Please choose according to the actual situation.

04 Competition Schedule

1. Submission method: please name the dubbing work “video name + name + contact information” and send it to the designated email address: 1730889762@qq.com in the form of a compressed package before 12:00 May 8.

(please upload the original video and work at the same time)

2. The scoring rules are WeChat voting + teacher judges. After the work collected, they will be voted through the WeChat Public “The Leicester International Institute, Dalian University of Technology” and our teacher judges will grade the work.

3. The work will be divided into the first, second and third prizes and the students who win the prizes will get exquisite gifts.

05 Contact and feedback

1. Leicester International Institute reserves the right of final explanation for this competition.

2. If you have any questions about the competition process and works, please consult Miss Zhu, the ministry of culture, via QQ: 1196480428 or Mr Lin via QQ: 739028465. If you have any technical problems in video editing, please consult Mr Li via QQ: 909296759.

The Student Union of DLI

April 24, 2020