The 3rd DUT Xinghai International Forum for Young Scholars The Mathematics and Physical Sciences Centre and Leicester International Institute Sub-Forum

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Dalian University of Technology (DUT) is a national key university administrated directly under the Ministry of Education of China, which is also sponsored by Project 985, Project 211 and world-class university. DUT "Xinghai International Forum for Young Scholars" is an important opportunity and carrier,which makes outstanding young scholars at home and abroad to get close to the campus of DUT, affords multiple state key laboratories and research bases for the discussion of cutting edge global academic focuses and lets young scholars feel the talent, science and technology led by the vitality of romantic coastal city of Dalian. The forum has become a significant platform for outstanding youths to discover, understand and join DUT after two consecutive sessions.

The Mathematical and Physical Sciences Centre of DUT was founded on 24 Jan 2013, consisting of Institute of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Institute of Computational and Applied Physics, Institute of Information and Electrical Science, etc. Its purpose is to arrange for the teaching of fundamental courses of maths, physics, computer science, electrical and electronic engineering of campus and fundamental courses in English and professional courses of DLI. The centre relies on the maths and physics majors to enroll and cultivate academic postgraduates and Ph.D. students of subjects allied to Maths and Physics and professional postgraduates of Applied Statistics.

The Leicester International Institute, Dalian University of Technology (DLI) is a Sino-foreign cooperative educational institution, jointly established in March 2017 by Dalian University of Technology (DUT) and the University of Leicester (UoL). The institute aims to promote exchanges between China and the UK in the fields of culture, science, engineering and technology, promote academic cooperation between DUT and UoL, and to cultivate high-level professionals with an international vision. Students are registered in two universities, mainly complete all their studies in DUT under the "4+0" training model. Upon graduation, they will obtain the bachelor’s degree certificate and graduation certificate granted by DUT and the bachelor’s degree certificate granted by UoL. The institute currently offers three undergraduate degree programmes in the subject areas of Mathematics, Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering, and plans to enroll 300 undergraduates in 2020.

Part 1

Time and mode

The 3rd DUT Xinghai International Forum for Young Scholars the Mathematics and Physical Science Centre and Leicester International Institute Sub-Forum is scheduled to hold "cloud forum" online from June 5 to 6, 2020.

Part 2

Main activities

The Sub-Forum will be divided into three parts: conference cloud report, discipline academic exchange report and talent symposium. The purpose of the Sub-Forum is to show the platform, environment and prospect of development in DUT for participants through online communication, and to introduce the basic situation of Panjin campus and school of mathematics and physical science of DUT, Leicester International Institute and the life in Panjin.

Part 3

Disciplines field and direction

Mathematics: computational mathematics, financial mathematics, optimization theory and method

Physics: computational physics, material physics, plasma physics

Computer science and technology: data analysis, computer application technology, computer modeling and simulation.

Part 4

Positions and welfare

Requirements for Introduced Talents

Recruitment positions


Position requirements


under the age of 40; with senior tittles under the age of 45

A doctoral degree, considerable research achievements and great potential development in related disciplines.

Match the requirements of DUT for special evaluation.

Associate professors

under the age of 35


under the age of 30

A doctoral degree from a world-renowned university (domestic and overseas), with strong scientific research ability and development potential, certain scientific research achievements.

l The age requirements for outstanding performers can be relaxed appropriately

Treatment for Introduced Talents

Recruitment positions

Public Institution



Settling-in Allowance

Research Funding


Authorized strength

Corresponding standards of DUT and Panjin campus allowance





Associate professors






Enjoy all kinds of social insurance, provident fund and other school staff benefits

l Relevant policies of introduced talents in Panjin can be enjoyed

l Overseas exchange opportunities will be provided and fully funded by DLI

l Talents’ cultivation plans such as"Xinghai scholar", "Xinghai Outstanding Youths", "Xinghai Excellent Youths" and "Xinghai Cores" and corresponding start-up funding and financial support will be provided

l Annual salary and benefits package are negotiable for high-end talents.

Part 5


l Engage in the scientific research of the discipline and the interdisciplinary of mathematics and artificial intelligence; guide the doctoral students and postgraduate students in related fields;

l Engage in mathematics, physics, computer and other aspects of the undergraduates and graduate students in English and Chinese public class teaching; teach English basic courses and specialized courses in Mathematics of DLI;

l Participate in UoL academic exchange and collaborative research in related disciplines;

l Participate in the discipline construction of math, physics, computer technology and science and interdisciplinary of mathematics and artificial intelligence course;

l Undertake the construction of scientific research project of vertical and application subject in the field of math, physics, computer technology and science and interdisciplinary of mathematics and artificial intelligence.

Part 6

Applicant Requirements

a. Under the age of 40

b. A doctoral degree from a world-renowned university (domestic and overseas) and overseas experience in scientific research

c. Achieved noteworthy achievements in related disciplines and has strong substantial academic development potential

Required materials

a. Resume

b. Application form which names after ‘ NAME-DUT Xinghai forum’, send the email to:, phone:0427-2631235

c. Recommendation letters from peer experts (at least 2) are required, including doctoral supervisors or postdoctoral co-supervisor

The deadline is 20th May 2020, an invitation letter will be send to the application via email.

School of mathematics and physical science

Leicester International Institute