DLI's 2020 Annual Events - A Brief Summary to Open the New Chapter

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The year 2021 has arrived. We wish all of you have a peaceful and joyful life. 2020 is an extraordinary and unforgettable year, but also a struggle and a wonderful year. In last year, Leicester International Institute has achieved meaningful performance. Now, let us review the highlighted moments.


Work Reporting Conference for the Year 2019

DLI held an annually work reporting conference, systematically summarized the work of 2019 and formulated the 2020 annual plan. Guo Jinming, Assistant to the DUT President and the Party Secretary and Management Committee, Director of Panjin Campus; Yu Xiaoping, the Deputy Party Secretary and Management Committee attended the report meeting and do work guidance.

Teachers of DUT Sides Attended Training in UoL

During the winter vacation, DLI sent seven teachers, including Sun Shoulin, Li Lingdong and Li Caiyun, to the University of Leicester to attend teaching training for nearly a month. It helped them understand the teaching standards of the British side and further enhance their English teaching skills.



Stood Together and Overcame the Difficulties Together!

The COVID-19 broke out suddenly, teachers and students of DLI to fight the epidemic hand in hand, online courses as scheduled, teaching work running.


The Activity of Recommending and Reading Books

Reading can enrich the spiritual world of students and make their lives more colourful. DLI carried out "recommend and read books and build Youth League branch a book enthusiasts " activities to play role models.


Themed Group Day Activities-Learn the Spirit of Lei Feng

To welcome Lei Feng Day's arrival, to pay tribute to the "most beautiful volunteers", DLI carried out a unique themed group day activity, calling on students to salute the pioneers, to pay tribute the retrograde.

Studying Abroad Experience Sharing Sessions

To deepen students' understanding of studying abroad, DLI held an online experience sharing session about studying abroad.

Learning Experience Sharing Session

DLI organized learning experience sharing sessions to help students adapt to online teaching rhythm,  enter the learning state quickly, and find the right learning method for themselves.

Other Activities

Psychological Salon about Epidemic Prevention and Control

"Star Cup" Chess Game

Technical Innovation Salon

"To the Most Valiant People" Three Quotes Calligraphy Contest


University Celebration Activities

To celebrate the university's 71st anniversary, DLI held a series of celebration activities, inviting teachers and students to pay tribute to the university workers and send sincere wishes the DUT through "cloud" on the internet.

"The Narrator" of English Reading Competition

DLI held the "The Narrator" English Reading Competition, which provided students with a platform to recite English and present themselves.

Training for Party activists

To learn and carry out the critical speech spirit of Xi Jinping during the prevention and control of the epidemic and enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of young students, DLI organized a report on the training results learning of active members of the Party.

Other Activities:

"Cloud" Sacrifice Activities on Qingming

Career Planning Guidance Lecture

"Discover the Green Outside the Window" Photo Contest

"Together for Gold House" Reading Activities

Youth War "Epidemic" Series of Debates


Special Activities of Labour Education

To integrate labour education into the whole process of personnel training, DLI held special activities on Labor Day, "comforting parents, good food and giving hard work" and "sending love to praise the work, give poetry and celebrate the festival".

American College Students Mathematical Modeling Competition

Zhang Shenglun, Sun Yue, Wang Yuchen, Ren Chuying and Yang Yang won the Special Nomination Award (F Award) in the 2020 American Student Mathematical Modeling Competition, which achieved the best results of the College in the international competition and achieved a historic breakthrough for campus students in the competition.

A Party Lesson Given by A Doctor Assisted Wu Han

To better understand the fight against the epidemic regardless of the danger in Wuhan, DLI organized the heroic lesson given by the Qu Dongxia, a doctor assisted the medical system of Wu Han. It aimed at encouraging students to learn the excellent quality of health care workers bravely as pioneers and practice the original mission.

An Academic Report to Students of Engineering

Zhou Yihui, the Head of the Department of Chemical Machinery and Safety at the Dalian University of Technology, gave an academic report to Engineering students in DLI. The topic of this report was that building technical and smart weapon are crucial to safeguard the country.

DLI Students Won the University of Leicester Award

Sun Yuanzhi, a 2017undergraduate, won the Peer Support Award from the University of Leicester, becoming the first University of Leicester Award winner. Besides, Qin Tianrun, a 2018 undergraduate, was nominated for Peer Support Award. 

Other Activities:

Experiences and Volunteer Sharing Sessions in the Epidemic

Mother's Day Event on the Line

"The Great Speaker - Life and Nature" Speech Contest

Group Dry Training Series of Lectures

English Voice-Over Contest

Employment Experience Sharing Session


Academicians Taught Introduction Courses Online for Teachers and Students

Peng Xiaojun and Yan Xigao were invited to produced introduction courses for teachers and students in the School of Chemical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, Panjin Campus and DLI. Peng Xiaojun is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Director of the National Key Laboratory of Fine Chemical Industry, Dean of the Institute of Chemical Engineering. Yan Xigao is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Asia-Pacific Academy of Materials Sciences, Director of the Institute of Polymer Materials, Director of the Liaoning Provincial High-Performance Resin Engineering and Technology Research Center.

The First Lesson of Political and Ideological Produced by the Party Branch Secretary

The Party Branch Secretary, Dean of DLI Zhan Jingjing, produced the first lesson of political and ideological which guided students to think about the enlightenment brought by the epidemic and set an example for students' growth experience.

Young Scholars Xinghai Forum Dalian University of Technology

The 3rd Dalian University of Technology Young Scholars Xinghai Forum Basic Center and DLI's Sub-Forum was successfully held, for young scholars at home and abroad to build a platform for extensive exchanges.


Themed Party Day Activities

The Party Branch of DLI carried out the themed party day activities through online live broadcast and offline learning and discussion form. The national university ideological and political network reported the story about anti-epidemic of the Party Branch.

Themed Party Lessons

Professor Guo Jinming, the Party Secretary and Management Committee, Director of Panjin Campus brought the DLI's teachers and students an online party course entitled "what can we learn from the epidemic".


Good News from the University of Leicester

A congratulation letter was sent from the University of Leicester. Eight students achieved outstanding results exchanged from DLI to UoL through the 2 + 2 exchange program. Shan Xufeng awarded "The Raymond Peacock Prize" for second-year students of School of Chemistry, University of Leicester. This award designed to reward the College's second-year students for their overall performance.

Asia Pacific University Student Mathematical Modeling Competition

A total of 92 students of DLI won the prize in this competition, of which 2018 undergraduates Xia Mingxuan and Wang Yiyan won the first prize of the undergraduate group, which is also the second international mathematical modelling competition won by the college students this year.

Admissions and Outreach

2020 College enrollment publicity work successfully concluded. DLI overcame the epidemic's impact, carried out various online publicity forms, offering 24-7 consultation service. More than thousands of students and their parents joined the Wechat group to consult, which effectively safeguards the quality of students.



Students Returned to the Campus

DLIers' reunion after the long vacation was in September. Good friends met again in the beautiful campus which made it an impressive harvest season.

Welcome Freshmen of 2020

This month, we welcomed students of 2020 to DLI Dalian University of Technology and wished them to open their wonderful chapter.

Party Secretary Committee of DUT Visited DLI for Investigation

Wang Hansong, Secretary of the Party Committee of DUT, came to DLI for investigation. He visited the party members' activity room, English classroom (concentrated-style class), teachers' offices, students' service centre, resource room, smart classroom, multi-function room, etc. This visit showed an in-depth understanding of the party construction work of DLI. He also talked with teachers and students representatives in person.

Board of Administration (BOA)

The BOA meeting of DLI was held in the main building of DUT and via the video conference simultaneously, attended by President Guo Dongming, Vice-President Zhu Hong, Assistant to the President Guo Jinming, Vice-Chancellor University of Leicester Nishan Canagarajah, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Iain Gillespie, Paul Monks, etc.   

DLI's Role Models

Among the DLI's first graduates, a total of 20 students successfully admitted into their dreamed famous School without Graduate Entrance examination.


Other Activities:

New Admission Education

New Students Meeting

New Parents' meeting

The Opening Ceremony of the Freshmen


SSC (Students and Staff Committee) was Held to Solve the Difficulties of Students 

DLI held the first SSC this academic year, attended by leaders, teachers, student representatives from both sides. DLI continued to implement the SSC meeting recommendations to do practical work for students to solve difficult problems.

CPC Membership Enlightenment Education Conference for Freshmen of 2020

DLI held the Party's Enlightenment Education Conference for 2020 freshmen, Director of Student Affairs in Panjin Campus Ding Zhanying was invited to give a special lecture.

The First Congress for Taking in the New Party Members

To further strengthen the institute's branch team's construction, inject fresh blood into the party organization, and add new vitality, the Party Branch of DLI held the first batch of reserve party members.

The First Lesson for First-Year Students 2020

The Party Branch Secretary, Dean of DLI Zhan Jingjing, conducted a lecture entitled "Our Country and My People". It was the "first lesson" to the 2020 students.

Professional Brief Introduction

A brief professional introduction for all freshmen 2020 was given by Professor Tan Zhenquan, Associate Dean, Leicester International Institute, Professor Yu Bo, Director of Basic Science of Mathematics, Associate Professor Zhou Yihui, the Head of the Department of Chemical Machinery and Safety. The aims were to help them better understand their major's essential content and prospects, help students quickly understand their professional characteristics and clarify their development direction.

Other Activities:

"DLI Family Small Courtyard" Love Dorm Contest

A Report on the Results of Social Practice

Three Institutes Joint Examination and Research Experience Sharing Meeting

Sports Leagues - Basketball, Football, Table Tennis

The General Assembly for the Appointment of Student Cadres


Themed Party Day Activities

To further consolidate the educational results, the themed activities named "don't forget the sincere heart and keep in mind the mission" were successful. The Party Branch carried out the study four history activity. During this process, students reviewed the history of the Party, consolidated the faith, mission and lesson from the history.

Social Event Movie Night

To improve students' English listening and speaking skills and learn more about the UK's local culture, the Department of International Affairs (DIA) held Social Events with Movie Night's theme.

Psychological Drama Contest

Beautiful heart, ignite our courage and hope, light up our youth and dreams, DLI held a psychological drama contest, interpretation of one exciting or tear-jerking story after another.

Four History Knowledge Contest

To deepen the education on the four histories and cultivate students' patriotism, love for the Party, love for socialism's ideological feelings and high moral character, DLI held a four-history knowledge contest on "Knowing History, Learning and Keeping the Heart".

Introduction Course of "The Importance of Mathematics and New Development Opportunities"

Professor Lei Fengchun, Dean of the School of Mathematical Sciences, taught an introductory course on "The Importance of Mathematics and New Development Opportunities" to all Basic Science Of Mathematics in DLI.

Other activities:

CET-4 and CET-6 Mock Exams

Dormitory Construction Seminar for Freshmen

Career Planning Contest

DIY Fan Manual Activities

Experience Sharing Session for Excellent Students

Vocational Skills Training in Management Classes

CET-4 and CET-6 Learning Experience Sharing Meeting

"Adopt a Potted Flower" Activity

Rights and Interest Knowledge Contest

Class Learning Style Construction Project Activities


DLI Gala Night

DLI gala night was successfully concluded, teachers and students in Panjin campus gathered together, teachers in the University of Leicester attended the gala through video conference. 

Seminar of Chinese-Overseas Cooperative Running School(Projects)

The 2020 seminar of China-Overseas cooperative schools (projects) Dalian University of Technology hosted by the School of International Education and assisted by DLI. This meeting's theme was the new development in the post-epidemic era of Sino-Overseas cooperation in running schools. Luo Zhongxuan, the President's Assistant, School of International Education, Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, the heads of cooperative School (Projects) attended this seminar.

Sodoku activity

This psychological salon invited Mr Xie Xiaojiang to explain how to solve a Sudoku puzzle, in a simple form to help students ease the tension of the learning atmosphere, enhance self-confidence, with a better attitude to meet the exam.

Social Experience Sharing Sessions

"The paper has to be shallow, never know it's going to work." The College held a special social practical experience sharing session, inviting five former first prize-winning practice team leaders to share their experiences, feelings, and social practice gains.

Class Meeting on the Theme of Political and Ideological

To sincerely implement the spirit of the national ideological and political work conference in colleges and universities, guided students through the "four self-confidence" firmly, Guo Jinming, Assistant to the President, Party Secretary and Management Committee, Director of Panjin campus,  the political and ideological class advisor of Engineering 2001 brought the themed meeting from the beginning of cultural self-confidence. 

Looking back on 2020, we are full of achievements and progress; looking forward to 2021, we will strive upstream and bravely climb the peak.

Leicester International Institute will continue to forge ahead and move forward bravely to welcome a bright future with a vibrant attitude!