Daily Attendance of Practicing English Words Comes Again

Date: 2021-05-21 14:06:14   Clicks:

The number of English words is important for improving your English ability especially for getting a high score for English tests. We encourage students to keep a habit of practicing English words every day. We believe that 21 days could develop a habit. So, the “Daily Attendance of Practicing English Words” comes again.

Available Time:

from 20 May to 10 June

Acceptable form:

a: submit your handwriting picture

b: submit the result recorded by any English words study APP

Minimum Number

at least 20 words per day


You should submit the results with the number of words before midnight to the QQ group (No.: 984229694). It will be calculated at the end of this activity.

What can you receive from this activity?

If you submit your results for 19 days in a row (two days absent accepted solely), you will receive a DLI handbag.

If you submit your results for 21 days in a row (no absent) and your word number accumulated at the first 10% in the rank, you will receive a DLI mug.

Other students who submit their results for 21 days in a row (no absent) will receive a DLI fan.

All the participants could get a good study habit and an opportunity to double their English words number.

Welcome on board!