DLI role models- Li Yibo and Shao Guanlan

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Li Yibo  Engineering Class of 2002

Li Yibo, a probationary Party member, is an undergraduate majoring in Mechanical Engineering in the class of 2020. He ranked third among 102 students with a weighted average score of 94.03 in the 2021-2022 academic year. He was honoured as the All-round Good Student of Panjin Campus, and won the “Yin Huochong” scholarship and the National Scholarship, etc. He also won a series of scholarships such as the Learning Excellence Award (the First Prize), Ethic Award, and Technological Innovation Award for two consecutive years.

Yibo gives priority to learning which is the main responsibility of college students and plays a leading role in students’ work. The marks of 12 courses out of 13 reach more than 90 scores He joined the national innovation project working team and published an essay on SCI (JCRQ1) depending on it. In his spare time, he insists on participating in a wide range of modelling competitions and won a total of 2 national and 10 provincial awards, such as the MCM, the MathorCup (the Second Prize), and the CAMCM. Working as a class monitor, he always committed to promoting a better learning atmosphere, so they won the prizes of "Excellent Study Style Class" and "Advanced Class". As the deputy director of the DLI Organization Department, he planned a variety of theme activities and was responsible for the administrative work for CYL, etc. As the dormitory leader, he led to establishing the sanitary regulations and assisted tutors to join in the activities of visiting the dormitory. As a class tutor, he actively provides various learning materials to junior students and answers their questions about learning and campus life. He upholds the beliefs of “the more international, the more patriotic” and strives for becoming the talent who promotes the development of society.


Shao Guanlan  Maths Class of 1901

Shao Guanlan, a probationary Party member, is a 2019 undergraduate majoring in Mathematical. His weighted average score in the 2021-2022 academic year is 97 and ranked first among 67 students. He was awarded the All-round Good Student of Panjin Campus, the National Scholarship, the Learning Excellence Award (First Prize), the Technological Innovation Award, the Ethic Award, the Social Practice Award, the All-round Good Student and the Outstanding CYL member. He actively participated in science and innovation competitions and won first prize in the National Student Mathematical Modeling Competition in Liaoning Region and the Liaoning Student Mathematical Modeling Competition. He is responsible and actively completes various tasks.

Also, he served as the deputy director of the DLI Science and Innovation Department, the class tutor of the Mathematics 2101 class, and is now the League building instructor of the Mathematics 2201 class. Guanlan participates in social practice and volunteer activities such as love dormitories. Meanwhile, he carried out peer tutor workshops many times to share his learning experience and constantly improve the comprehensive quality. Shao Guanlan was recommended to Nanjing University for postgraduate.