Department of International Affairs

Date: 2022-10-28 13:22:57   Clicks:

The Department of International Affairs (DIA), based on cooperation and exchange between China and foreign countries, has assumed the important task of organizing and managing the foreign affairs of the Institute since its establishment. Its departmental functions can be divided into three areas: cultural construction, website operation, cooperation and exchange.


In terms of cultural building, the DIA is committed to various English learning activities to create a good English atmosphere in the college and to help college students improve their English skills at different stages.


In terms of website operations, the DIA is fully responsible for the operation of the English version of the university's website, including, but not limited to, the English translation of the university's news and plate design.


In terms of collaboration and exchange, DIA, as the representative of the Leicester International Institute, is committed to speaking up for students and increasing its visibility at various inter-school events and forums. In addition, the DIA undertook the task of conducting joint activities with the British Students' Union, which ensured the interest and internationalisation of university activities.