Volunteer Department

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The Volunteer Department of Leicester International Institute was established in 2017 and currently has one minister, three deputy ministers and 11 officers on active service.  


This is a department of love, unity and collaboration. The spirit of dedication, friendship, mutual help and progress for volunteer service has been firmly followed since the establishment of the department..In recent years, the Volunteer Department has carried out a lot of voluntary activities, such as regular inspections of dormitory hygiene, anti-epidemic volunteer recruitment, Qingming Festival memorials for fallen heroes, welcoming new students and snow clearing. We have contributed a great deal to the development of volunteerism in our institutes and universities. And, through voluntary activities, youth volunteerism has become an effective vehicle to strengthen the ideological and political education of college students.


Nature has taught us to germinate in the spring, to grow in the summer, to harvest in the autumn, and to store in the winter. Analogously, the Volunteer Department will continue to write new chapters for the development of volunteerism on our campus and to spread love to every corner of our college.


Contact us by email: 3347923443@qq.com