Network Publicity Department

Date: 2022-08-22 18:42:16   Clicks:

We are devoted to managing the official WeChat account, designing the poster, and supporting the information boards.

We are one of the important functional departments of DLI to carry out daily activities.

The main tasks are as follows:

1. WeChat management:

Assist other departments in publishing news, message, and article on the WeChat account in time after the activities are finished.

2. Poster design:

We are skillful in designing posters that are presented at special moments such as the beginning of a new semester, important festivals and activities organized by the student union, etc. These artworks will be listed on the hot zone of the campus or the official website and appeal to an increasing number of students to join in.

3. Information Board support:

The department is now responsible for organizing and planning the updating of the information boards in the c07 building each semester, including theme formulation, data search, and preliminary audition.

Significance of our work:  

We play a leading role in giving publicity to the aims and significance of all the activities hold by the student union.