2021 Annual Events of DLI Student Union

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In 2021, the DLI Student Union completed various activities with the joint efforts of all the students.

Part one

Enforcing the Academic Atmosphere

  Helping Each Other

In order to further guide students to learn scientific knowledge and cultivate the scientific spirit, the Second "Poster Presentation" Competition and the Eighth Science and Technology Salon were held to stimulate students' interest in scientific research. More than 60 peer tutors’ sessions were carried out which created a good learning atmosphere.

  National Award Role Model

The defence and evaluation of the national scholarship for the 2020-2021 academic year are completed. The stories of the scholarship owners known as the "National Award Model" series, were reported on the DLI public WeChat account which shows the spirituality of outstanding students.

  Work and Leisure

"Shuxiang Lixing Cup" selection activity was held for the 2021 freshmen to help for cultivating beneficial hobbies and became a traditional practice on the DUT campus. Besides, the DLI Student Union held a mock English test for band 4 and 6 to help students adapt in advance.

Part two

Show Your Style

  Youth Sing Party

DLI encouraged students to participate in the chorus competition, named Youth Sing Party, held by Panjin Campus. Sing the melody of youth and strive for the future. Students regarded it as an opportunity of showing their style. Many congratulations. They won the First Prize on the campus.

  English Speech Contest

In April, the "Charm of Speaking” English speech contest was held to create a good atmosphere for English learning and improving abilities. The candidates impressed us with their fluent speaking skills and confidence.

  Sports Competitions

A variety of sports activities such as basketball, table tennis and football competitions were held to further improve students’ physical fitness and feel friendship. DLI students won the Third Prize and the men's group the First Prize among the campus teams in the winter running competition. Besides, DLI students were skilful in the ballgame and won the First Prize for basketball, football and table tennis matches.

  Love Dormitory as Home

Students believe that the dorm is the campus home. They are encouraged to decorate the dorms with their styles. For this purpose, two dorm decoration activities were held. Students designed a warm and comfortable dormitory, which was ingenious and showed the rich and colourful campus life

Part three

Friendship with UoL Mates

  Campus "Treasure Hunt"

In October, freshmen embarked new journey at DUT Panjin Campus. In order to welcome new DLIers and celebrate the centenary of the University of Leicester, the first "Campus Treasure Hunt" was held. The students responded positively and competed for brain and physical strength, highlighting the characteristics of the college and adding to the fun of the campus.

  Communicate Online

Due to the pandemic, DLI students cannot travel to the UoL campus for studying and communicate. But don’t be upset. Follow the live stream of your senior students who were living on the UoL campus. They guided domestic students to visit the beautiful and ancient campus. For further communication, the first "Online Penpal" exchange activity set up a one-on-one communication platform between two schools’ students, so that students could truly enjoy the friendship and broaden the horizon of cultural exchanges.

In the online exchange activities with the first alumni, the graduates guided the students to visit the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, National University of Singapore and other universities, talking about the local customs and academic atmosphere, and stimulating the students' enthusiasm for studying abroad.

Part four

Deep Memory

  Graduation Ceremony and Prom

The first graduation ceremony for all the 2017 students was held in the auditorium E03 which was the first graduation ceremony of DLI. After this important moment, the graduates carry the ardent hope of DUT and DLI with them to the world. We all believe that they will continue to uphold the spirit of DLU, with a broader international vision to integrate China and foreign countries.

  Welcome the New DLIers

In September, Panjin Campus and DLI organized a variety of activities to welcome new students for class 2021. It is a new start for them. We wish them a splendid campus life here. the college once again welcomed fresh blood, jointly welcomed the new students of the class

Part five

Change and Grow

  Comprehensive Ability Training

It is emphasized on cultivating students' comprehensive ability and workability through holding student Union meetings and debriefing conferences, enhancing the sense of responsibility of student reps, and developing the cohesion and cooperation between them.

  Students Reps' Ability Training

In order to strengthen the construction and improve the work quality of the Student Union, many pieces of training have been carried out. Wang Junping, scientific research assistant of the School of International Information and Software and former executive deputy director of the School Finance Media Center and excellent reps in the Students Union were invited to share their experience with others, which enhanced the understanding of student reps’ work responsibilities and laid a solid foundation for further work.

  Volunteer Service Activities

In the winter of 2021, sudden heavy snow brought great inconvenience to the travel of teachers and students in the school. In order to ensure the safe travel of teachers and students on campus, DLI urgently recruited and organized volunteers to carry out road snow removal operations. In just five hours, the volunteers quickly cleared the heavy snow and helped restore the safety and smoothness of the public areas of the campus, which fully reflected the spirit of dedication and friendship and mutual assistance of the students.

Part six

Focus on practice

  Experience Sharing

The social experience is very important to every college student because it will guide their further development. DLI held a "social practice experience sharing meeting", organized excellent team leaders to share experiences, and answered common questions about practical activities so that students had a clearer understanding of the university practice activities in many aspects, which has a positive effect on the development of students' future practical activities.

  Statement and Defence

the 2021 Summer Social Practice Individual Defense held, summarizes the results of practice, publicizes excellent deeds, and guides more students to devote themselves to social practice.