【Career Support】DLI SUPPORT for career path series of sessions-first season

Date: 2022-11-21 16:35:51   Clicks:

On November 12, Leicester International Institute (DLI) and School of Foreign Languages, Panjin Campus jointly held the first session of DLI SUPPORT FOR CAREER PATH series of sessions between teachers and students. It aims at helping students fully understand the employment situation, identify the employment direction, understand themselves clearly, and improve their job searching ability. Four speakers were invited to share their job searching experience with students in this salon. Zhang Jingjing, Deputy Dean of School of Foreign Languages, Panjin Campus, and Zhao Lingling, Deputy Dean of DLI were invited to participate in the exchange meeting.


Mou Shuai, a Chemistry major graduate in 2016, Wang Yuxin, the part-time student tutor and Master of Environmental Engineering graduate in 2022, Yang Ning, an Engineering major graduate in 2022, and Dong Rui, the student tutor of the class of 2019, were the keynote speakers at the meeting.


Taking the rich work experience as an example, Mou introduced the current employment situation to the students and reminded them to be clear about their own job searching direction and strive to improve their core competitiveness.


Wang Yuxin first introduced the interview etiquette and then reminded students to make clear that self-introduction is an important part of the interview. He also encouraged them to understand the requirements of the job in advance, to better show their advantages.


Yang Ning, with their own job searching experience, told the younger students that mentality is very important and also of reviewing the pros and cons of the interviews. Besides, he shared the tips of arranging time reasonably and meeting the new challenges.


Dong Rui introduced the experience of resume making and guided the students how to correctly design it by taking the comparison of the modification as an example.


Finally, Ms Zhang Jingjing and Zhao Lingling had an in-depth discussion with the students about their future career planning and gave them specific guidance and suggestions. They encouraged the students to adjust their mentality, make full preparation and confidently deal with every interview, and fully understand the graduates' job searching demands to ensure a better career path.

DLI and School of Foreign Languages, Panjin Campus always give priority to graduatesemployment guidance. In the future, we will continue to carry out the series of exchanging sessions between teachers and students, inviting guests from professional fields to provide excellent guidance and new ideas for students' employment, so as to help students with accurate and high-quality employment.