【Career Support】DLI held career guiding and sharing session-second season

Date: 2022-12-11 16:08:55   Clicks:

Recently, DLI combined with the School of Foreign Languages, Panjin Campus held the second season of career guiding and sharing session to help campus students to clear their career goals and plan the path with the positive value of employment. This session was held online via a Tencent meeting and hosted by Ms Zou Liangliang, the Director of the Students Affairs Office in the School of Foreign Languages, Panjin Campus.


Moreover, Ms Wang Lin, the Director of the Employment Guidance Section of the Enrollment and Employment Department of the Dalian University of Technology, was invited to share the content of employment preparation for students. With the theme of "growing up as the best you are", Ms Wang gave students guidance on high-quality employment-related issues. This session provided students and staff with an opportunity of exchanging these points of view about employment.

Target one-sharing experience about employment

Ms Wang guided students to better understand their advantages and the importance of personal talent to employment planning by introducing topics from appreciating ourselves to telling the stories of the employment interview of friends around. By proposing the concept of "establishing links", the teacher helped students to clarify the inseparable relationship between current behaviour cognition and future development pursuit and encouraged students to seize the opportunity to improve their core competitiveness.



And then, Ms Wang shared some tips about making a CV and taking interviews with students from different aspects. She said that a standard CV should include five elements, basic information, educational background, personal experience, awards and skills. She also explained the details and processes of campus interviews and company interviews.



Target two- Q&A

Finally, in the question session of this activity, the students asked Ms Wang a lot of questions about the knowledge needed for employment, enterprise preferences and future employment directions. The teacher read them one by one and patiently answered the questions in the minds of the students.


DLI always give priority to the studying experience of all the students and adhere to the educational principle of for all students, in all process and from all respects. According to the graduation circumstance of DLI, it is encouraged to guide students to achieve the goal of a good career destination by all students.

DLI SUPPORT is a special brandy career activity which aims at promoting students to be employed and set up their plans. Students said that this session help them to enhance their confidence in pursuing satisfied jobs and to change better.